Rare blue glowing mineral


Illumium is a rare mineral that was discovered in the Red Stone Mountains. It has the physical qualities of Quarts crystal however it is a light blue color and glows with an internal luminescence that gives the mineral it’s name. Due to the rarity of the mineral it is quite expensive and only the most wealthy can afford to own it. Since it’s discovery many different uses have been found for illumium. The raw stone is used as lighting for many wealthy homes, castles and palaces. Recently several thousand pounds were sold to a wealthy merchant in Waterdeep to be used in the construction of an elaborate chandelier for his dinning hall. Jewelry crafted from the mineral is very popular as well as decorating clothes with chips of the mineral.

Currently several colleges of magic are also experimenting with the stone in order to determine if it contains or is capable of harnessing any magical properties however little information about this has been made available.

1 Ounce of Illumium is currently selling for 100 gold or 10 platinum trade bars.



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