Tome of Rune Lore

Arcane text of dwarven rune magic.


The Tome of Rune Lore is perhaps the single most sought after treasure among the dwarves of the Red Stone Mountains. Lost for thousands of years the tome contains the formula and enchantments needed to craft runeforged weapons and armor.

Written during the dawning of the world the Tome of Rune’s contains the twelve runes of power that can be crafted into mighty weapons and heroic armor. Written by the first Rune Lord of the Red Stone Mountains the book outlines the proper placement and combination of runes that can be used together as well as the materials needed to craft the weapons and armor capable of containing the runic power.

Since the books disappearance the dwarves of the Red Stone Mountains have been unable to perform Rune Magic of any kind. After the death of the last Rune Lord the remaining runic weapons and armor were stored in vaults under the mountain and considered the greatest of all dwarven treasures.


Tome of Rune Lore

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