Black Tower

Few citizens of the Ravenmarch have ever laid eyes on the tall black spire jutting out of the mountain that separates the Blight from the rest of the Ravenmarch. Most who speak of the Black Tower do so in hushed tones or a mixture of fear and awe. So well know is the danger that a common threat to unruly children is that if they don’t behave themselves they will be sent to live at the Black Tower.

Regardless of whatever rumor one might hear about the Black Tower the reality of it is far worse. Built shortly after the catastrophic events that created the Blight the Black Tower and those who live there are truly the only thing standing between the good people of the Ravenmarch and the horrors that lurk within the twisted and foul lands called the Blight.

Only the most skilled and battle hardened warriors are sent to the Black Tower and for many of them it is a death sentence. Once you are sent to the Black Tower there is no return until you have served the full term of your post there. Generally this is a twenty year commitment unless you are wounded in such a way that you are relieved of your duties.

The reward for serving the full term at the Black Tower however is often considered worth the risk. Those who manage to survive the full twenty years of service are sent to live in the town of Summers Home, They are given a luxurious mansion and a monthly royal stipends for the remainder of their lives. Many of those who live in Summers Home could never have hoped to earn so much in several lifetimes. For many of them twenty years is a small price to pay in order to live out the remainder of your days in luxury.

No one visits the Black Tower without a royal dispensation. Those who even attempt to approach the tower without the proper documentation are execute on the spot. What truly happens at the Black Tower and what danger those who server there face are kept from the public. Most who live in the March choose not to question this and often feel that the less they know about the Black Tower and what happens there, the better they will sleep at night.

Black Tower

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