Coin of the Realm


Like most of Faerûn the Ravenmarch works on the gold standard. While they do mint their own coin in the March they also accept most other currency brought in through shipping trade business. Aside from the local coin the most common found in the March is the Sembia coin. Over time the coins themselves have earned names. It is not uncommon for an Inn Keeper to charge 1 Squib a night for a room. However calling the coins by their common name is just as acceptable in the Ravenmarch.

Doal – Copper (cp)
Squib – Silver (sp)
Cob – Electrum (ep)
Glint – Gold (gp)
Crown – Platinum (pp)

Copper = (1cp) (1/10sp) (1/50gp) (1/100ep) (1/1,000pp)
Silver = 10cp 1sp 1/5ep 1/10gp 1/100pp
Electrum = 50cp 5sp 1ep 1/2gp 1/20pp
Gold = 100cp 10sp 2ep 1gp 1/10pp
Platinum = 1,000cp 100sp 20ep 10gp 1pp

Just as in other lands the coins of the Ravenmarch are minted by weight. A copper coin is created using a set weight of copper ore. The same process is used when making silver, electrum, gold or platinum coins. However platinum coins are very rare as most platinum is now distributed in small “bar” form. Because of the weight standard it has become a somewhat common practice for shop keepers and merchants to use scales in their businesses. Several years ago a scandal involving a tax collector “shaving” coins took place in Whitesands. Since that time people have become more conscious of the weight and size of their coins.

Some uncommon coins from other kingdoms may be smaller or larger than the standard coins of the March. In this instance a shop keeper or merchant will employ their scales to determine an exchange rate.

Goods and Services

Due to the remote location of the Ravenmarch it is common for prices to be a bit higher on some goods that may seem like common items elsewhere in the world. Expect to pay at least double for items that are imported into the March. Luxury Items such as silk, exotic spices, rare fruits or vegetables and other items may cost as much as ten times their value elsewhere in Faerûn.

Coin of the Realm

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