Dawning Star


Dawning Star or Dahyhoo Sahyer. Pronounced day-who-say-er in Elven is hidden deep within the southern region of the Ravenmarch known as the Ghostwood. Little is truly known about Dawning Star by those who are not of Elven blood. It is said that the city is beautiful beyond words and flows among the mighty Ghostwood trees as if it was grown by nature and not crafted by Elven hands. Some claim that the blending with nature is to such a degree that many of the structures seem to grow and live like the mighty trees they were once carved from.

Those few who have traveled to Dawning Star find it incredibly hard to leave once they have experienced the serenity and beauty of the Elven Kingdom. They speak of wines and foods unlike they have ever tasted in their lives and a feeling of peaceful bliss that lingers in the air at all times. Some even speak of the feeling of existing in a waking dreamworld where the impossible is made real and your every desire is met.

In order to protect themselves from the outside world the Elves have gone to incredible lengths to keep the location of Dahyhoo Sahyer a secret. For many miles around the city magical wards and protective spells have been put in place. Some even say that Treant’s living in the Ghostwood use their powers to cover paths and mislead travelers so that the city is nearly impossible to find.

Dawning Star

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