Ellis Hawkenson

Balthazar.pngKeeper of the Light is the official title given to Ellis Hawkenson. As the Keeper Ellis has taken the sacred oaths to maintain the Ravenlight lighthouse and tend to its beacon until the day he dies.

Too small to be considered a village, Ravenlight is little more than a collection of houses around the Lighthouse. Only a handful of people call Ravenlight home and those who do all play a role in the continuous care and maintenance of the lighthouse, Chief among them being Ellis Hawkenson. Ellis was born in Ravenlight and is the son of the former Keeper. His entire life has been spent learning how to tend to the lighthouse and making sure that the beacon never goes out.

The role of Keeper of the Light is almost one of monastic quality and as the Keeper Ellis must perform daily rituals that maintain the magical fires that burn within the mirrored surface of the lighthouse beacon or else the light will extinguish forever.

It is rumored that after the citadel of Ravenwatch was built in the March that the second structure built was the Ravenlight. While it is altogether worthless as a lighthouse the light holds a more sacred meaning than simply guiding ships to safe harbor. It is said that the kingdom of Ravenmarch will continue to endure as long as the light remains lit.

The Ravenlight can be seen from Ravenwatch when the king or queen is seated upon the Raventhrone. Thus legend says that the king or queen will be the first to see if their country is in danger.

Ellis Hawkenson

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