Taking its name from the majestic ghostwood trees that grow in abundance here the southern forest known as the Ghostwood is perhaps one of the most beautiful regions in all of Ravenmarch.

All those who enter the Ghostwood are immediately impressed by the dense growth of foliage and the fact that the forest is literally teeming with wildlife. Dear, elk, bear as well as smaller game animals are in abundance in and there never seems to be a shortage of food. Legends say the forest is home to many Treant’s who care for the forest and serve as her guardians. Rumor also has it that the elves have a working partnership with the Treant’s and often use them to spy on those who enter the woods.

For many living in the Ravenmarch, Ghostwood is still largely unexplored. Long before the March was a kingdom the Ghostwood was already an ancient home to Elves. In the year 1029 the Elves and Humans signed a peace treaty after several brief skirmishes near the village of Bear Hollow. The elves felt that their land was being taken from them by the humans however it was later discovered that the humans had no idea that the elves lived in the Ghostwood at all.

Currently the only Human settlement in the Ghostwood is Bear Hollow and it pays a yearly tribute to the elves for the right to hunt and trap within the Ghostwoods. Hidden deep in the forest is the Elven city of Dawning Star or Dahyhoo Sahyer (pronounced day-who-say-er in the elven language.)


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