Hearthhold Monastery


Located along the road between Whitesands and the foothills of the Red Stone Mountains is the long abandon site of the Hearthhold Monastery. The monastery itself is in a sad state of repair. The roof has collapsed in the north west corner and mother nature has begun the long slow process of reclaiming the structure for her own. Judging by the lack of crumbled stone however it is a safe bet that many of the locals in the area who know about the monastery have been helping the process by hauling off a large number of the buildings stones, most likely for their own construction needs.

Visitors will find it impossible to guess which god or goddess the monastery was originally dedicated to. Most anything of value has been stripped from the site long ago and any clues that are left are in such a sad state that it would a sage of incredible knowledge to uncover anything but the most faint scraps of information.

At some point the abandon monastery became the home of a rather cunning Mimic. It is hard to say how long the beast has been living there or why it has chosen this spot as a hunting grounds. Perhaps the old monastery receives more visitors than it’s lonely appearance would suggest.


Hearthhold Monastery

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