Kings Point


The port town of Kings Point is second only to Arymm in shipping and trade. Most of the business that happens in Kings Point is above board and on the level between honest merchants and shipping companies. However due to it’s small size and somewhat relaxed rules regarding business conduct, Kings Point has earned a reputation as a smuggling town. While it is true that more shady characters tend to do business in Kings Point the rumors of the towns corruption have been greatly exaggerated.

Lord Rodrick Layland, the current Magistrate of Kings Point has done his best to keep the reputation from becoming more than just a passing rumor. The town guard who patrol the docks are (for the most part) honest and hard working. But many say that they are not above taking bribes and looking the other way when it benefits them. Some say that even Lord Layland himself is known to take a few coin now and again if he thinks that the business might benefit himself or the towns economy.

Because of it’s smaller size much of the trade and shipping that takes place in Kings Point is with small shipping companies who can’t afford the docking fees required to do business in Arymm. Many of the goods that are brought into the port are of lesser quality and in less demand throughout the Ravenmarch. However one aspect of the limited trade business that has been extremely profitable is in specialty goods and unique items from around Faerûn. Many of the shops and bizarres in Kings Point have some of the most unique items to be found anywhere in the kingdom. Exotic spices, weapons, textiles, clothes and even animals are often for sale in Kings Point.

Points of Interest

The Scroll & Quill – For those who are looking for exotic papers, parchments, inks and other tools of writing the Scroll & Quill has nearly everything you are looking for. Most of their business is in procurement for the Academy of Magic in Ravenwatch. However many who practice the mystic arts find their way to this shop in order to purchase rare materials for writing spell scrolls and books.

Exodame Apothecary – One of Kings Points oldest and most well respected institutions is the Exodame Apothecary. From exotic spell components to amazing cooking spices if the Exodame Apothecary doesn’t have it you probably aren’t going to find it anywhere else.

Blackrock Clockwork – Family owned and operated for over seventy years the Blackrock Clockwork has been selling, repairing and making fine clocks and clockwork toys for three generations. The items for sale in the shop are expensive and masterfully crafted. Only the most wealthy merchants and land owners could ever hope to afford an original Blackrock timepiece. There is a rumor however that the owners do quite a good side business selling specialty tools to individuals who might have especially complex locks that need opening.


Kings Point

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