Lady Willow Nightwind

HjIKU.pngCompleting the Council of Five is perhaps its most mysterious member, Lady Willow Nightwind. Very little is known about Lady Nightwind including how she came to be part of the Council of Five. She is believed to be the custodian of the city of Edgewater and many believe that she is also the leader of the Ravenmarch’s largest thieves guild, The Shadow Cursed.

However odd her presence on the council may seem the general belief is that she has only the good of the people in mind and the most noble of intentions.

During council meetings it is often Lady Nightwind who opposes any new laws or taxes that would hurt the people of the Ravenmarch. This position often puts her in direct conflict with Otto Silverthorne and Captain Hillbrand. But to her credit she has never backed down from ether of them on any issue. More often than not Lady Nightwind will consult with Sir Hemrick Tuldoor or the dwarf Durrgo Thunderbeard on issues she finds troubling. From time to time she will consult with Lord Layland however she seems to only ask his advice where matters of money or shipping are involved.

Beyond her involvement with the Council of Five next to nothing is know about Lady Nightwind. She is never seen without a head being covered by a cloak and her face is always hidden behind a veil. She is escorted by several dangerous looking guards who follow her everywhere she goes and only leave her side when she takes private meetings. She travels in a small black carage with black drapes hanging over the windows and departs immediately after each council meeting.

Lady Willow Nightwind

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