Queen Natasha Almoore


There is only one true noble in the Ravenmarch and that is the Ravenqueen, Natasha Almoore the direct descendant of King Gunthur Almoore the first Ravenlord.

Queen Almoore’s reign began during her 16th season, she was crowned Ravenqueen after the unfortunate death of her Father during a military exercise and became the youngest Queen in history to rule over the March.

Thus far her reign has been a prosperous one and she is well loved among the majority of her subjects however the Queen herself is a bit of an enigma. Few outside of the royal court have seen the Ravenqueen for over ten years. For reasons unknown the queen went into seclusion in the year 1362 and has not made a public speech or appearance since that time. She remains behind closed doors in the castle fortress of Ravenwatch and communicates to her subjects through a small select group of public advisers.

Rumors abound as to why the Queen has become so reclusive. Some say that she has been cursed by a great evil while others claim that she is actually dead. Little is truly known about her or if there is a successor to the Ravencrown. To the best of public knowledge Queen Almoore has never married nor had children of her own to carry on the royal bloodline.

Queen Natasha Almoore

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