b7367808ec1921894fd83de165fa3ed5.jpgFounded: 913
Size: 450 miles x 325 miles
Climate: Temperate

Political Structure: Monarchy
Current Ruler: Ravenqueen, Natasha Almoore
Religion: Various
Population: 60% Human, 20% Elf, 10% Dwarf, 10% Other

The kingdom known as the Ravenmarch has existed in the world of Faerûn for well over four hundred years. While the land that it occupies is small compared to other kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms the Ravenmarch is known throughout the world of Faerûn as a land of stunning beauty and shadowed mystery. The Ravenmarch truly could be viewed as a microcosm of the Forgotten Realms. Within its borders live Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Tiefling, Drow and even Dragonborn.

According to the great historians the March was established as sovereign land by a royal dispensation given to the first Ravenking, Lord Gunthur Almoore sometime during the year 913 also known as the Year of the Watching Raven. Since that time the Ravenmarch has maintain its independence with little or no contestation.

There are a number of reasons for this however the two most obvious are the limited accessibility to the Ravenmarch by land and the second having to do with the waters and shipping lanes near the Ravenmarch being protected by the merchant city of Telflamm.
The March is located along the eastern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, between Cape Dragonfang and the city of Telflamm. It is famous for some of the finest weapons and leather goods in all of Faerûn making the Ravenmarch a powerhouse of trade and craftsmanship that exports many of the most sought-after arms and armaments in the world.



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