The capital city of the Ravenmarch is the city of Ravenwatch. Originally the city was nothing more than a collection of houses and cottages built around the Ravenwatch Citadel constructed by the first Ravenking Gunthur Almoore. However over the centuries a mighty city grew up around the citadel and eventually became the largest settlement in all of the March.

Ravenwatch Citadel has undergone several major construction phases in its long history. The original structure itself sits atop a hill in the middle of the city proper and is home to the Ravencrown. The fortified citadel has been expanded and remodeled dozens of times and now includes several hundred rooms, dozens of towers and an extensive substructure of tunnels and dungeons. Careful attention has been paid over the years to ensure that the new features and additions do not clash with the look of the original structure however very few living today know exactly where the original construction ended and the additions began.

Directly outside the citadel walls is the royal courtyard. Here you find the Ravenguard barracks, servant quarters, guest houses and royal stables. Very few common citizens ever see the inside of the royal courtyard unless they have been summoned there on official business. However it is well known that the area is filled with splendid fountains and expertly crafted buildings.

The Gold Court
Beyond the royal courtyard is the area known as The Gold Court. Here you will find most of the official buildings that operate the day to day business of the Ravenmarch. Several landmarks of the Gold Court include the following.

The Hall of Coins- The official treasury of the Ravenmarch. Here the coin of the realm is minted and taxes are collected, documented and redistributed back into the realm.

The Hall of Records – Official documents, census information, birth and death records as well as land holdings and deeds are all housed in the Hall of Records.

The Great Library – Until the Library of Arymm was constructed this was the largest depository of written information in the March. Still considered by many to be the best library in the realm due to the fact that it contains thousands of rare manuscripts, scrolls and documents that are truly priceless. The library also has a large selection of spell books and scrolls that it keeps under constant guard due to the extremely dangerous nature of these documents.

The Academy of Magic – After the events that created The Blight in the year 995 at the original Academy of Magic it would be many years before the people of the March trusted magic users enough to allow them to build a school within the realm. Much to the dismay of those living withing the city of Ravenwatch the new Academy was constructed within the city limits by royal decree. Popular opinion was that the Ravenking elected to have the Academy build here so that he could keep a more watchful eye on the wizards as they conducted their work.

Temple of Ilmater – Founded a short time after the citadel was built the Temple of Ilmater has long been a beacon of hope and healing in the March. The construction of the temple is said to have been ordered by King Almoore himself as the King was a follower of Ilmater. Upon his death the first Ravenking was pronounced a Saint by the High Priest of the temple. It is said that in the crypts below the temple the priests keep one of the Ravenking’s bones as a holy relic and they can use it to communicate with him in their times of need.

The City Proper
The majority of the city of Ravenwatch is found beyond the walls of the Gold Court. Here you will find a multitude of shops, markets, tradespeople, taverns and inns. Constructed over many decades the city of Ravenwatch is a riot of different styles of construction and architecture. Here a small stone cottage can be found crushed between a towering wooden inn and a marble temple. The majority of the city is considered safe with only a few sections of questionable repute. While there is a small criminal element and rumors of a thieves guild operating within the city most residents enjoy a safe and peaceful (if not somewhat crowded) life within the walls of Ravenwatch.



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