Sir Otto Silverthorne

The_Duke_by_arventur.jpgConsidered by many to be little more than egotistical, spoiled and unnecessarily cruel, Sir Otto Silverthorne is as close to true nobility as you can get in Ravenmarch. His family owns expansive tracks of land along the Sea of Fallen Stars as well as most of the land the city of Whitesands sits on. While not recognized by the Ravencrown as a noble the Silverthorne family is nonetheless of noble birth originally hailing from Waterdeep.

Otto is currently the mayor of Whitesands and also owns over half of the property in the city which he rents to the merchants, shop keepers and citizens who live there.

Due to the shallow waters along the coast only small fishing boats can safely navigate the shoals and sand bars off Whitesands therefore most of the businesses in the city have to do with the fishing industry. An industry that Sir Silverthorne profits from greatly by requiring all fishermen to pay 40% of their earnings to him as a city tax for providing them with a safe harbor. Those who refuse to pay the tax are generally “convinced” by the Whitesands guards who are paid handsomely by Silverthorne to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share.

As a member of the Council of Five, Silverthorne is generally in agreement with Captain Hillbrand who he views as somewhat his equal. However it is widely believed that Captain Hillbrand uses Silverthorne’s inflated ego to convince him to go along with whatever scheme the Captain may be planning. Rumor has it that if Captain Hillbrand ever planed to overthrow the Ravencrown, Silverthorne would fund the uprising.

Sir Otto Silverthorne

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