Steven Vanderhorn

99e25014eb09f293c29f1c5fcb825de7.pngOwner of the 3 Lanterns Inn located along the Kings Highway at the crossroads of Arymm, Harpers Abby and Ravenlight, Steven Vanderhorn is the definition of a charming rogue.

In his youth he made quite a name for himself as an adventurer and amassed a somewhat sizable fortune. While the particulars of his adventures are somewhat hazy the popular belief is that Steven was a skilled cutpurse and dungeoneer. He left the Ravenmarch in search of fame and fortune and returned five years later with enough money to open the 3 Lanterns Inn.

Most of the upper class citizens of the March consider Vanderhorn a troublemaker and little more than a criminal. The 3 Lanterns is known throughout the March as a den of drinking, gambling, women and debauchery. Steven pays a hefty sum of gold every year to keep the 3 Lanterns from attracting the unwanted attention of the Queens guards.

Steven also has a working relationship with Mistress Ellianna who provides some of the entertainment at the 3 Lanterns. Rumors have been circulating for years that Steven and Ellianna’s relationship may be more than just business but no one has ever confirmed this.

Steven Vanderhorn

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