Twin Rivers

Nestled along the northern edge of the Ravenmarch just a stones throw away from the Shadowgate Forest is the small town of Twin Rivers. One of the oldest settlements in the March, Twin Rivers is a refreshing step back to a simpler time with honest hard working folks making a living from the land. Quaint is perhaps the best way to describe the town in a single word. It isn’t hard to imagine that the cozy cottage like houses and well worn cobblestone streets look the same now as they did when the town was founded nearly four hundred years ago.

Originally founded as a small farming town very little about Twin Rivers role in the March has changed over the years. The area around the town is made up of flat and extremely fertile earth that produces an amazing abundance of crops. Over 60% of the vegetables and other produce grown in the March comes from Twin Rivers. It is responsible for feeding the cities of Arymm and Ravenwatch as well as Harpers Abby and the Ravenlight. Much of the food served at the Three Lanterns Inn also is purchased from Twin Rivers.

Due to it’s quiet nature few people have any reason to visit Twin Rivers. The town itself has little to offer in the way of entertainment aside from the Cozy Hearth Inn a sturdy, two story building made from heavy fieldstone and oaken timbers.

Aside from the Inn there largest building in town is a flower and grain mill along the river where a massive waterwheel turns day and night slowly rolling its millstone in a never ending circle. A Riverside General Goods is the only shop in Twin Rivers and they provide the small community with everything from shoe leather to sugar treats for the children.

Only two or perhaps three times a year does any excitement happen in Twin Rivers. Occasionally a group of gypsies known as the Vistani will emerge from the Shadowgate Forest and trade with the locals of Twin Rivers. The Vistani stay for a Ten-day, sometimes less and often offer to safely guide travelers North through the Shadowgate Forest.

gypsy_by_hygami-d5bee8r.jpgThe arrival of the Vistani is met with mixed emotions by the people of Twin Rivers. With them comes a carnival like atmosphere complete with dancing, songs, drink and fortune telling. Many of the younger folks enjoy this time and spend their hard earned coins on the trinkets and bobbles that the Vistani sell when they come to town. The elders of the town considered them a disruption at best and a few even feel they are little more than tramps and thieves. Beyond that however little is know about where the Vistani come from or where they go when they return to the Shadowgate Forest. Those who have visited other cities far to the north of the Ravenmarch such as Telflamm have inquired about the Vistani, but no one ever seems to have heard of them or seen anything like the gypsy caravans that they are describing.

Twin Rivers

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