Tyr_symbol.jpgTyr, also known as The Maimed God is a lawful good greater deity of law and justice. His dogma is primarily concerned with the punishment of wrong-doers, and the general furthering of law and good in the world. Not coincidentally, these values are among those held by most paladins, many of whom are more than likely to follow Tyr as the patron of paladins.

The highly organized church of Tyr is strong in the more civilized lands of the Realms. They are known for never refusing service or aid to the faithful when they are in distress. To keep Tyr’s favor, one must respect fallen enemies, never make sacrifice of a corpse, and keep one’s alignment virtues lawful and good. Tyr considers slaying agents of evil to be honorable and worthy of the highest praise.

Followers of Tyr carry with them at all times the Scroll of Laws. This is the dogma of the cult of Tyr presented in list from as laws. Every morning the devout pray to Tyr by reciting the Laws from the scroll. Many of the most devoted are able to recite all of the laws by memory however this is quite a feet due to the fact that there are 150 laws.

A sample of these Laws are as follows.
Mighty Tyr give me the strength to carry out your justice.
Mighty Tyr guide my hand as your instrument of law.
Mighty Tyr grant me fairness and evenhanded temper

Tome of Justice – Every devoted paladin or priest of Tyr carries with them a Tome of Justice. This is a journal that the devout use to record injustices they see and wrongs they have righted. It is used as part of the daily meditation ritual to record this information in their tome in order to have a running dialog with their deity.


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