Ravenmarch Adventures

Session Two

The Temple of Torm

Dimble and Landrich finish their dinner meeting with Colin and Artephius regarding the Codex Demonomicon. Colin elaborates a little more on the details of the tablet as well as Clymph Tower where they believe the codex is located. He explains to them that the tower was actually created as a gateway into the abyss and that the wizard Clymph constructed the entire tower as a cage or prison to hold any abyssal creatures he might summon. Unfortunately for him this didn’t work out so well and it is rumored that Clymph died in his attempts to capture a demon. Since that time the tower has been abandon and the majority of people in the area tend to shun the place for fear of what might be lurking there.

After dinner the four retire to the sitting room and spend the evening telling tales, enjoying drinks and fine pipe tobacco. In the morning Colin and his entourage are preparing to leave at the same time as our heroes. Everyone parts ways and over the next three days Dimble and Landrich make their way from Artephius’s estate to the temple of Torm in the Red Stone Mountains.

The journey to the temple is along well traveled roads and fairly unremarkable. After three days the party reach the foothills of the mountains and make their way up a path above the treeline where the temple is said to be located. Thanks to the directions provided by Artephius they are able to find the location without much problem however upon their arrival they realize that something is amiss.

The temple of Torm has clearly seen better days and the courtyard is littered with debris as well as a few burned out wagons and other wreckage that has clearly been looted and burned. One of the large wooden doors of the temple has been burned and the other is in poor shape. A thin wisp of smoke drifts out the large doorway.

Dimble and Landrich carefully move in to get a better look and upon reaching the great doors of the temple they find that the inside is not in much better condition than the courtyard. The once beautiful tile floor is covered with dust and rubble while the walls which at one time held wonderful paintings and murals have been covered with dirt and damaged by weather and the elements. Entering the temple Dimble sees the bodies of several goblins at the far end of the foyer. Delving deeper into the darkness and down a wide flight of stairs the heroes find themselves in a long wide hallway with doors on the right and left and two huge wooden doors at the far end. Here the floor is littered with the bodies of dead goblins. Some appear to be recent while others are dried husks that seem to have been here for at least a few weeks. At the far end of the hall a door is ajar and the faint glow of a cooking fire radiates from within the room. Dimble examines the hall floor and draws the conclusion that many small fights have taken place here over the last few weeks. There are numerous goblin tracks as well as a single set of heavy boot tracks that seem to be everywhere. The heroes assume that they boots belong to the third member of their party Milnar the dwarf. Landrich calls out to Milnar to alert him to their presence…

For over a month Milnar has done battle with the goblins that have infested the temple of Torm. After a failed mission in the Blight that cost him many friends and allies Milnar made a pilgrimage to the temple to commune with his god. Upon his arrival he discovered it overrun by goblins and saw this as a sign from Torm as a way to atone for his failure to protect his comrades in arms. Alone he has stood against the goblins and battled his way into the depths of the temple but had been unable to reclaim the inner sanctuary due to their numbers and fortified position. Sitting alone in a ruined anti-chamber, tired and nearly starved to death for the first time in weeks he hears a voice calling out to him. Startled by the voice he reacts by pulling on a rope that he has tied to the door and shuts himself into the room. He jumps to his feet and prepares for combat.

Almost immediately Landrich realizes the error he has made. The echo of door slamming shut at the end of the hall is followed by the distant sound of goblin warcries from deep in the temple. Rushing down the hallway Dimble and Landrich yell to Milnar that they were sent by the Sage Artephius to find him. Milnar who recognizes the name opens the door and lets the companions into the room before shutting the door and baring it with a large timber.

Hasty introductions are made. Landrich and Dimble agree to aid Milnar in clearing out the goblins. As the new friends discuss their plans they realize that the goblins have started a fire outside the door to smoke the party out. Reacting quickly Dimble uses a spell to put out the fire before it becomes a problem. Clearly angered by this the goblins begin to bash the door with something heavy. Listening to the sounds the party realizes very quickly that something much larger than goblins is in the hallway. As the door begins to splinter open the three companions prepare for battle.

When the door finally gives way several goblins tumble into the room. One of them lands on a trap that Dimble has set in front of the door and as the trap clamps down on its neck and shoulder it jumps up screaming in pain and rushes towards the gnome. With lightning reflexes Landrich fires and arrow at the goblin and puts his shot straight through its head killing it instantly. The victory is short lived however when the party realizes that the larger creature outside the door is a massive gnoll.

As the party engage the goblins the gnoll rushes into the room attacking Landrich. Dimble casts a sleep spell on several of the goblins and they fall to the floor unconscious while the others begin their attack. The gnoll lands a glancing blow on Landrich with his glaive as he engages the ranger meanwhile two more goblins attack the dwarf Milnar. Lifting his sword Landrich unleashes a mighty swing that is blocked by the gnoll and bounces back into the rangers face knocking him unconscious. Acting quickly the gnome Dimble casts another sleep spell putting the rest of the goblins the gnoll and even Milnar to sleep. He rushes to the aid of his friend Landrich and pours a healing potion into his mouth. He then wakes Milnar from his magical sleep and the party begins the grim task of slitting the throats of the unconscious goblins and gnoll.

After the fight the group moved to a more secure room and rested for a while patching themselves up and recovering from a hard won battle. Milnar explains a little more about the temple and what they might encounter in the inner sanctum while they rest. Once they have patched themselves up the three make their way down the hall to the sanctuary.

Entering the main room of the temple the heroes once again are engaged in a mighty battle with the remaining goblins. Enraged by the desecration of his gods temple the dwarf Milnar makes a hasty attack upon the first goblin he sees. He is almost immediately struck down by several arrows and falls unconscious. Dimble rushes to his aid and administers another healing potion before casting sleep on several more goblins. Landrich fires several well placed arrows into the room dispatching a few more goblins before Milnar recovers and springs into action. As the heroes clear the room the goblins realize they are on the losing end of the battle and attempt to flee. In his rage Milnar chases down the last of the goblins and crushes his skull with a mighty swing.

Winded, bloody but victorious the party collects themselves and search the room for any valuables that the goblins might have looted. They discover a small chest containing a handful of silver coins and a single white glove sequins glove.

End session two…



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