Artephius Durodine


For many years the legendary sage and alchemist Artephius Durodine was one of the most famous residents of the fortress library of Candlekeep. During his years of study at Candlekeep he made quite the reputation for himself as both an accomplished scholar and sought-after seeker of hidden and forbidden knowledge. Among his more notable achievements was deciphering the Silver Scrolls of Damara which were believed by many to be written in an unbreakable cipher. Unfortunately the Silver Scrolls turned out to be little more than a catalog of ingredients used to make the favorite meal of a long dead noble from the region. Despite the disappointment of the scrolls content the feat of cracking the code was no less legendary. As his reputation grew Artephius became a highly sought-after expert by many adventures, explorers as well as fellow scholars. It is said that even the great Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster himself would seek his consultation from time to time on various matters.

After many decades of study at Candlekeep Artephius finally retired taking up residency in a small estate near Baldur’s Gate. Unfortunately his time at the estate was cut short by a nearly constant stream of visitors seeking his expertise on a number of different matters. After only a few months at the estate Artephius simply vanished into the night and was never heard from again taking with him a vast collection of books, scrolls and journals that contained untold knowledge.

While the general public may have no idea what happened to the great sage those closest to him knew that for several months he had been making arrangements to have his private library as well as the bulk of his personal possessions shipped half way around Faerun to the small kingdom known as the Ravenmarch. He then boarded a ship while in disguise and made the long journey to the march where he took up residency in a long forgotten estate near the small village of Riverbreak.

Artephius Durodine

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