Collin Morgarth

Collin.jpgCollin Morgarth, more commonly known as Lord Morgarth is a somewhat prominent (yet reclusive) figure in the Ravenmarch. For several years he was a military adviser to the Ravenguard due to his formal training and skill as a battle tactician. However due to several disagreements with high ranking officers within the military he stepped down from that position to pursue his true passion, ancient history and occult lore.

Collin is regarded by many to be the leading authority on abyssal lore and demonic incursions on the material plane. He owns a vast private library of scrolls and historic documents from all corners of the world containing hundreds of thousands of records pertaining to demons, demonic invasions and numerous cases of supposed demonic possession. His knowledge on the subject is second to none outside a handful of monastic orders that dedicate their lives to hunting down and destroying abyssal entities. He is however a key player figure among even these institutions and is often consulted regarding matters that might perplex even them.

Most people who know Collin personally find him, at best, an odd fellow with more than his fair share of quirks. At worst however he is considered him a rude, repulsive, arrogant bastard who lacks any fiber of social grace and is generally off putting to most who have to spend any amount of time with him. However due to his introverted nature very little is known about him beyond his military and academic prowess.

What is know for sure is that he has lived in the Ravenmarch most of his adult life having immigrated to the kingdom sometime during his early twenties. He made a name for himself rather quickly among the historians and scholars working at the college in Ravenwatch and from there moved on to become an adviser to the military for many years. To the best of anyone’s knowledge he has never been married and apparently came from a wealthy family as he has been able to maintain a very elaborate lifestyle without owning any assets within the Ravenmarch such as land or mercantile businesses.

Over the last several months he has been in contact with Artephius a sage who recently moved to the Ravenmarch from Candlekeep. Together they have been researching historical documents regarding the whereabouts of a certain clay tablet known as the Demonomicon or Codex Demonomicon. They believe they have tracked it down to a ruined keep in the Great Dale several hundred miles north of the Ravenmarch. Together the scholars have pieced together a puzzle spanning several hundred years and concluded that at one time the sorcerer Clymph was in possession of the codex and that there is a possibility that they artifact is still to be found in the ruins.

Collin Morgarth

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