The city of Edgewater is unique in many ways when compared to other towns and cities in the Ravenmarch. Most sensible people consider the town a den of thieves and murders who hide from the law among the rabble of society found within the city limits. Aside from the occasional visit by the Ravenguard, Edgewater is in fact a lawless town. There is no formal magistrate or mayor in control nor is there an active town guard.

Remarkably law and order is maintained by the towns thieves guild, The Shadow Cursed who do an incredibly efficient job of preserving the peace within the city. Despite what most outsiders think of Edgewater the town itself is extremely safe with a crime and murder rate is so low that it is nearly non-existent. Even more remarkable is that the thieves guild seems to conduct itself very democratically and even holds trials for those who are accused of crimes. In the last several years there has only been one execution in the town and the person who was put to death was not a resident of the city.

Even with it’s current status of lawlessness the town does have a representative within the Council of Five. Lady Willow Nightwind is considered by many to be the custodian of Edgewater for lack of a better title and many believe that she is also the leader of the Shadow Cursed however this has never been proven.

Visitors to Edgewater come for many different reasons. Perhaps the most common reason however is to avoid imprisonment or capture. Rogues are well aware that Edgewater will provide sanctuary to those who have committed a crime so long as it was not so grievous that even the thieves guild would find you guilty. Even murder under certain circumstances such as contract assassination, defending ones honor or avenging a loved one can be overlooked in Edgewater. However justice will be swift and deadly if the individual is found to be guilty of a more heinous crime.

Honor Among Thieves
Despite popular opinion of Edgewater there is a saying that the residents don’t even need locks on their doors within the city limits. The Shadow Cursed have made it abundantly clear that the residents of the town are off limits to any thief who wishes to keep their hands attached to the ends of their arms. A grim reminder of this is the Wall of Rights, a long wooden wall near the main gates of Edgewater where the dismembered right hands of thieves who have broken this law are nailed up for all to see. It is safe to say that new additions to the Wall of Rights are a rare occasion.

Whatever You Need
Looking to unload some fine silver dinnerware or several large diamond rings? Need to get rid of those rare paintings and tapestries you have been lugging around? Edgewater is the place to do it. Most shops have a strict “no questions asked” policy regarding what is bought and sold. Many wealthy Lords or Ladies have made a trip to Edgewater in order to reclaim their “lost” possessions. Generally the shop keeper will gladly sell them back for a small profit of course.

In addition to fencing your stolen goods Edgewater is also well known for the strong spirits served in it’s taverns and it’s Nightshade Dens where one can purchase a pipe of the otherwise illegal herb and enjoy several hours of relaxation in a safe environment that typically includes entertainment and food.


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