The Shadow Cursed

rogue_zpsea4728f6.jpg Little is truly known about the thieves guild known as The Shadow Cursed. For nearly a century they have operated within the Ravenmarch with near impunity. Over the years many attempts have been made to discover how many members they have, who their leader is and where their base of operation is located. Every attempt to uncover any hard evidence about the guild has been thwarted at every turn. To date most of what is known about the guild is pure speculation.

Joining the Shadow Cursed
Rogues who wish to become members of the Shadow Cursed must undergo a series of challenges. The exact details of these challenges are kept secret however several accounts have been recorded that shed some light on the subject.

New members are required to have a sponsor in order to be introduced into the guild. Sponsors are then responsible for the apprentice and his or her actions until they achieve acceptance into the guild. This means that should the hopeful break the guild code the sponsor is to exact a suitable punishment upon the apprentice.

Once an apprentice has been deemed worthy they will undergo a series of trials known as “The Ordeal” that will test their skills as a thief and prove that they are worthy to be considered a member of the Shadow Cursed. If they survive the tests they will be made a low level member of the guild. It is believed that low level members are called Shadow Touched however this is only a rumor.

Honor Among Thieves
One of the most interesting aspects of the Shadow Cursed is their fierce loyalty to one another. If captured guild members have refused to give up any information about the guild even when tortured. Many members of the guild have been executed without giving even the slightest bit of information about the Shadow Cursed, it’s members or their connection to the guild.

It is also rumored that members of the Shadow Cursed will often provide for the families and loved ones of thieves that are captured and executed should they leave anyone behind that is dependent on them.

Loyal to the Ravencrown
Perhaps the most ironic attribute of the Shadow Cursed is their loyalty to the Ravencrown. It is said that before swearing loyalty to the guild a member must swear their loyalty to the Ravencrown and give their blood oath to protect the Ravenmarch against any who would ever wish to overthrow the government. While many believe that this is untrue, there are those who believe that members of the Shadow Cursed act as secret operatives for the Ravencrown and even carry out the role of protecting the royal family from assassination attempts.

The Ravenguard firmly deny that this is little more than folklore however throughout history there have been several instances where the Ravencrown has been saved by nearly miraculous intervention of unseen agents.

The Shadow Cursed

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