Jewel of the East, Wonder of the Realm, City of a thousand pleasures, all of these names and more have been used to describe the city of Arymm. Located on the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars the City of Arymm was built in the year 920 as the center for trade and shipping within the March.

In its early years it was little more than a collection of docks and warehouses that contained the many goods and supplies needed in the March. From these humble beginnings it slowly grew and evolved into the second largest city next to Ravenwatch.

As the trade industry grew in Ravenmarch the city of Arymm also flourished and grew. Soon markets and shops of all shapes and sizes were built around the docks. The citizens who worked the ship yards built homes here and as the demand for weapons and raw materials from within the Ravenmarch increased so too did the size of the city.

In the year 931 the first meeting of the Council of Five took place in the city of Arymm as well as the election of the cities first mayor. Currently, Captain Victor Hillbrand is the mayor of Arymm and is also the Speaker of the Council of Five.

Points of Interest

There are many spenders to behold in the city of Arymm. From fountains of unimaginable design and complexity to temples built to nearly every god one can imagine. Shops selling goods from far off lands, markets trading items of rare and mysterious beauty, tailors selling clothes of remarkable quality and bazaars filled with foods and goods beyond your imagination. It is often said that if you can not find it in Arymm then it doesn’t exist. Among these attractions there are a few key locations that stand out above the rest.

Hall of Council – The meeting place of the Council of Five and also the city hall of Arymm. The Hall of Council is easily the most magnificent building in all of Arymm. A towering structure with hundreds of rooms and offices that house every aspect of official business within the city. Here you will find trade and merchant offices, shipping companies, tax collectors and other government officials. It is home to the cities judicial courts that hold criminal and civil trials and in the substructure of the building is the city dungeons.

The Library of Arymm – Constructed in 1173 the Library of Arymm is considered the largest library in the whole of Faerûn. A massive structure with awe inspiring domes and towers the Library was built to house the greatest collection of written knowledge in the world. Every year the library sends forth and army of historians, scholars and sages to collect documents, manuscripts, books, scrolls and other works of significance and return with them to Arymm. It is said that what is available to the public in the library is only a small fraction of what it keeps in it’s vaults.

The Ravencrown Museum – Home to some of the most magnificent paintings, sculptures and priceless objects in all of Faerûn the museum is known throughout the world as a cultural and historical icon. The museum itself is almost as large as the Library of Arymm and in addition to priceless works of art it also contains many items of historical significance such as weapons, armor, jewels and even the bones of a dragon. Every year visitors from the world over journey to Arymm just to see visit the museum.

The Field of Glory – Many cities have gladiatorial arenas but rarely are they are remarkable as the Field of Glory. Everything from displays of marshal prowess between two champions to full scale mock battles waged between hundreds of combatants the Field of Glory is an attraction like none other.

The Silk Rose Pleasure House – Wealthy visitors to the city of Arymm will often find themselves in the Silk Rose. While the city is home to many brothels the Silk Rose maintains a standard of excellence that few other pleasure houses in Faerûn could ever hope to achieve. No desire is taboo in the Silk Rose so long as it is within the confines of the law and even that is somewhat flexible for the right price. In addition to carnal pleasures the Silk Rose has a luxurious bath and spa, excellent food and wine from the most exotic regions of the world. The current madam of the house is Mistress Ellianna who is known as much for her cunning business skills as her remarkable beauty.

Arymm Stage – Home to some of the realms finest actors the Arymm stage has had a long and successful history of performing popular plays and historic re-enactments. One of the most popular being the Epic of King Vicca and his battle with the Council of Five.

General Information
In a city the size of Arymm it is possible to find nearly anything you can dream of. Countless shops and merchants are available at nearly all hours of the day or night. Many of the taverns and inns also sell goods in addition to the services they provide.

Due to the hectic and free spirited nature of Arymm there is a considerable criminal element found within the city. While the Council of Five and other civic leaders do their best to cover this up or deny it all together many parts of the city are seedy and dangerous places to visit. Aside from the obvious dangers to your health there are many pick pockets, swindlers and other con-men operating in the city. As beautiful as the city is it can be just as deadly.


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