Bear Hollow


Established by human hunters and trappers in the year 1013 Bear Hollow is little more than a frontier village that only exists because of a peace treaty between the elves of Ghostwoods and the Raventhrone that allows for the limited hunting and trapping of game within the forest as well as closely monitored foresting of trees and other natural resources.

When humans began to first explore the Ghostwoods they were unaware of the elves that lived within the massive forest. For several months small skirmishes broke out within the woods before the Ravencrown sent envoys to the elf kingdom to establish a peace treaty and trade agreement. Since that time the humans of the Ravenmarch and the elves of the Ghostwoods have lived in relative peace.

Due to the conditions of the peace treaty, Bear Hollow itself consists of little more than a small collection of cabins and thatch huts. The largest building is the village hall that acts as a trade center, judicial building and the living quarters of the village chief, Bromm Stonebear. The remainder of the village consists of a few tents and temporary camp sites occupied by hunters and trappers make a living off the land. The area around Bear Hollow has remained largely untouched by humans and aside from a few well traveled trade paths leading to the village it is almost impossible to tell you are near a settlement at all.

Most of the hunting and trapping that is allowed in the Ghostwoods happens in the north western region and is strictly monitored by Bromm who is responsible for making sure that those who make a living within the woods follow the rules of the treaty and don’t over hunt or take more game from the woods than allowed by the conditions set forth by the elves.

While very few people actually claim Bear Hollow as their home a small collection of trusted druids and rangers live in the immediate area and act as the unofficial eyes and ears of Bromm regarding the day to day affairs of the village. They report to him any activities that they find questionable regarding hunting, trapping, foresting or anyone venturing to deeply into the Ghostwoods against the conditions of the treaty.

Hidden deep within the Ghostwoods is the elf city of Dawning Star or Dahyhoo Sahyer, (pronounced “day-who-say-er” in the elven language.) Very few humans have ever seen the elf city and the exact location is a closely guarded secret. Anyone who ventures to close to the city is usually detained by elven rangers who more often than not send the offending party back the way they came with a strongly worded warning to stay within the bounds of the human occupied areas of the forest. On rare occasions a party may be granted permission to enter the elven city but they are usually disarmed and blindfolded before being led through the woods to the hidden city where they are very closely guarded until the time that they leave. It is said that Bromm Stonebear is one of the few humans who not only knows the location of Dawning Star but is given nearly unrestricted access to come and go as he pleases. If this is true however Bromm is not willing to confirm or deny this claim.

Visitors to Bear Hollow are usually few and far between. The majority of those who make the trek into the Ghostwoods on a regular basis are merchant caravans who take goods in to trade for pelts and furs. From time to time a wealthy merchant may hire a guide to take them hunting for wild game within the forest but those instances are few and far between as they require a very lengthy amount of paperwork and cost a hefty sum of gold to obtain the necessary permission.

Over the last several years there has been a rise in poaching and illegal trapping within the Ghostwoods. While occasionally a guilty party is caught and brought to justice it has done little to bring an end to the problem. It has gotten so bad in the eastern region that it has begun to put a strain on the treaty between the humans and elves.

Bear Hollow

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