Blood Moor


If The Blight is a gaping wound upon the landscape the Blood Moor is the puss that oozes from that wound. Named for the red colored swamp water found there the Blood Moor consists of miles of desolate swamps, bogs and ruins. While not nearly as dangerous as The Blight the moor itself is still far from being a safe haven for travelers. Quicksand and sink holes plague the region and all manner of foul creatures call the moor their home.

Much like The Blight it was once a fertile land with farms, villages and even a central trading city known as Seven Pines. Now all of these lay in ruins deep in the putrid depths of the moor. Those who venture into The Blood Moor speak of riches and treasure still to be had in many of the forgotten places yet few who quest for them ever return.

The evolution of the Blood Moor was something that happened over several decades. Unlike The Blight which was an almost immediate transformation the Blood Moor has grown over many years. At first the moor was isolated to the region directly around the East Guard Mountain pass. Within ten seasons it had expanded to cover well over fifty miles of that area and began to encroach on many small towns and settlements. Today the Blood Moor is a vast expanse of land covering nearly a hundred square miles.

Blood Moor

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