Council of Five

Founded in the year 931 the Council of Five is a de facto ruling body of Ravenmarch citizens who generally hold some form of political office or have extensive monetary interests in the overall economic well being of the Ravenmarch.

The original Council of Five was founded to aid the Ravenking in the day to day business of ruling the March. In it’s official capacity the council acts as nothing more than advisers to the Ravencrown and have no ability to make or pass laws of any kind. Usually the council will draft a law or decree and present it to the crown. Once the draft is examined and the arguments are for and against are heard the Ravencrown will choose to adopt or decline the proposed material.

One black mark in the history of the Council of Five occurred in the year 1044 upon the death of the Ravenking, Lord Vicca. Seven years prior to this Lord Vicca contracted an unknown illness. Some believed that it was actually a curse placed on him by members of the council while others believe that it was actually a punishment by some dark god. Regardless of the nature of the illness, in his weakened condition Lord Vicca granted temporary power to the Council of Five until his death when the Ravencrown would pass to his son, Lord Warwik. However upon his death the Council refused to relinquish control. They declared Arymm the true capital of the Ravenmarch and it was soon discovered that they had secretly been assembling an army to overthrow the Ravencrown and destroy the Ravenguard.

Upon discovering this plot Lord Warwik led the Ravenguard into battle and quickly surrounded the city of Arymm… This would later become known as the Battle of Five Crowns as the eventual end of the conflict was due more to infighting among the Council of Five than any military action.

Despite the peaceful reclamation of the Ravencrown Lord Warwik held trials and personally beheaded all five members of the council in the city square of Arymm. Later that same year he would personally choose five new members to replace the Council of Five before he embarked on a diplomatic journey to the Sword Coast.

The current members of the Council of Five are as follows.

Speaker of the Council Captain Victor Hillbrand
Master of Coins (Treasurer) Lord Rodrick Layland
Second Speaker Sir Hemrick Tuldoor
Council Charge Sir Otto Silverthorne
Council Charge Lady Willow Nightwind

To date the current council has been less effective than those in the past due to a divide in ideology that has become very apparent among the council members. Rumors have begun to stir that the Ravenqueen herself is going to demand results or disband the current council in favor of creating a more unified body of government. However this has yet to be confirmed and the Ravenqueen is still in seclusion.

Council of Five

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