Eugene Swinehart

Mirt.jpgRarely does an individual live up to their surname as completely as Eugene Swinehart. Swinehart is currently the acting Magistrate of Tanners Harbor after the sudden and mysterious death of the towns former Magistrate. Tanners Harbor is known throughout Faerûn for producing some of the finest leathers and hides in the known world. Until recently Eugene Swinehart was little more than a pig farmer and not a very successful one at that. However three seasons ago he sold his farm and became actively involved with the tanning and shipping industry. After a relatively short time he had managed to accumulate a small fortune by brokering several shady deals with outside vendors.

Upon the somewhat questionable death of the former Magistrate Swinehart was given the role of acting Magistrate until an official election could be held among the civic leaders. That was nearly two years ago now and for reasons unclear to many the election has yet to be held.

Since taking over as magistrate Swinehart has created quite a life for himself. He has constructed a mansion in the hills overlooking the town and hosts elaborate feasts for a select few merchants in town that he considers his close friends. Unfortunately for him most of the residents of Tanners Harbor have had enough of his poor treatment and dishonest business practices.

Word on the street is that change is coming in the form of a dagger in Eugene Swinehart’s fat heart.

Eugene Swinehart

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