Father Ethan Mac Craig

bartender.jpgKnown by many as Mac Craig the Mad, Father Ethan Mac Craig is a man of unwavering faith and devotion to the god Helm. Nearly twenty years ago Father Mac Craig came to the Ravenmarch after hearing rumors that a secret cult dedicated to the worship of Bane had taken root in the March. Upon his arrival he restored the runes of Harpers Abby a long abandon temple to Helm that had fallen into disrepair after many of the Clerics had left to deliver the word of Helm to other parts of Faerûn. For many years Father Mac Craig toiled alone until slowly he began to spread the word of Helm and gain followers. With the help of the newly faithful he was able to restore Harpers Abby to its original glory.

Since his arrival in Ravenmarch Father Mac Craig has been unable to find even a trace of the Cult of Bane that he had sworn to eradicate. Most people outside of the Abby believe that Mac Craig created the entire story about the cult and others even question his good standing among the other clerics of Helm. Some whisper that Mac Craig was expelled from the holy order for reasons of insanity. It is true that his past before coming to the March is deeply shadowed.

Several years ago Father Mac Craig discovered that evil had found a home on his vary doorstep in the form of the 3 Lanterns Inn. Since that time Mac Craig and Steven Vanderhorn have been sworn enemies. On more than one occasion royal guards have had to step in and ease tensions between Mac Craig and Vanderhorn.

Recently Mac Craig has been more focused on Vanderhorn’s business than the Cult of Bane.

Father Ethan Mac Craig

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