Carved from the living rock of the Red Stone Mountains is the majestic and beautiful dwarven city known in the common tongue as Forgeholm. In the year 936 a diplomatic envoy from the mountain city came to Ravenwatch in order to create an alliance between the dwarven kingdom and the Ravencrown. Since that time the people of the Ravenmarch have considered the dwarven kingdom their friends and allies.

The Red Stone Mountains and the city of Forgeholm are truly a kingdom within a kingdom. The dwarves who live there do not owe allegiance to the Ravencrown nor has it ever been asked of them. The peace that exists between the two kingdoms is largely due to the fact that the Ravencrown does not interfere with Dwarven business in any way and the dwarves respect the laws and customs of the March. However the city of Forgeholm itself is protected by a very ancient form of Rune Magic that makes it nearly impossible to be found without a dwarven rune talisman



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