Upon the completion of the Ravenwatch Citadel in 918, The Ravenking, Lord Gunthur Almoore, immediately started construction on the Ravenlight Lighthouse.

Legend has it that construction of the lighthouse was overseen by the Ravenking himself and it is said that he personally designed the lighthouse to exacting specifications. What those specifications were and where they came from is yet another mystery however the stories say that his hand was guided by the God Helm who has always been the chief deity of the Ravencrown. Other legends says that the Ravenlight can be seen when the king or queen is seated upon the Raventhrone and should the light ever go out the Ravencrown would know that there is great peril in the March.

Despite all the legends what is know about the Ravenlight is every bit as mysterious as any story a bard could concoct. The reason for the Ravenlight lighthouse is not fully clear due to it’s location. Sitting on the northern tip of the Kings Point Bay the light can be seen by passing ships in the Sea of Fallen Stars however it has never been used to guide them to safe harbors. The lighthouse truly serves no nautical purpose what-so-ever. Furthermore the light is not so much a beacon in the darkness as a roaring fire. Many who see the lighthouse for the first time fear that it has burst into flames, however this is not the case. The raging fire at the top of the lighthouse is of unknown magical origin. It burns brightly day and night and is tended by the current Light Keeper, Ellis Hawkenson.

Ravenlight is not a town by any stretch of the imagination. It is more of a collection of humble homes built around the lighthouse. Most of the residents who live there do so because they tend to the Ravenlight in some capacity or another. Visitors to Ravenlight will find a small stonemason’s workshop a blacksmith and a small but surprisingly well stocked warehouse of goods and supplies.

The Ravenlight itself is more of a temple than a functioning lighthouse. Every day the Keeper of the Light must enter the lighthouse and perform a secret ritual that maintains the magical fires burning at the top of the lighthouse. For hundreds of years this tradition has been passed down from one Keeper to the next. Without fail the Keepers have maintained their vigil over the Ravenlight.


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