Ravenmarch Timeline

The kingdom known as the Ravenmarch has existed in the world of Faerûn for well over five hundred years. While the land that it occupies is small compared to other kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms the Ravenmarch is known throughout the world of Faerûn as a land of stunning beauty and shadowed mystery. The Ravenmarch truly could be viewed as a microcosm of the Forgotten Realms. Within its borders live Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Tiefling, Drow and even Dragonborn.

According to the great historians the March was established as sovereign land by a royal dispensation given to the first Ravenking, Lord Gunthur Almoore sometime during the year 913 also known as the Year of the Watching Raven. Since that time the Ravenmarch has maintain its independence with little or no contestation.

Over the last five centuries the Ravenmarch has grown and developed into a truly remarkable place. The following timeline of events touches on some of the key moments in the rich history of the Ravenmarch.

Timeline of Events

913 – The Ravenmarch is granted sovereignty. Lord Gunthur Almoore takes the Raventhrone.
918 – Construction of Ravenwatch citadel is completed. Construction of the Ravenlight lighthouse begins.
920 – Ravenlight lighthouse is completed. The first Keeper of the Light is chosen by the Ravenking himself. The port city of Arymm is established along the Western coastline.
926 – King Almoore issues a royal decree banning nobility in the Ravenmarch. All citizens are considered free peoples. Slavery of any kind is forbidden in the March.
931 – The first meeting of the Council of Five is held by civic leaders under the guidance of Lord Almoore.
932 – The Ravenking grants the Council of Five limited powers to create laws and levy taxes.
933 – Lord Almoore marries Queen Arrimora.
934 – Prince Gregory is born. The towns of Twin Rivers and Tanners Harbor are founded.
935 – Dwarfs from the Red Stone Mountains send a diplomatic envoy to Ravenwatch.
936 – A peace treaty with the dwarves is signed and the city of Duskvale is established.
941 – Kings Point and Whitesands are established. The Halfling community near Ten Stones is discovered.
952 – Lord Almoore dies and Prince Gregory is crowned.
956 – In honor of Lord Almoore the dwarves of Red Stone Mountain sculpt his likeness into the face of the mountain range.
961 – Lord Gregory marries Queen Elishamor.
962 – Prince Dorvanna is born.
965 – Harpers Abby is constructed to honor the god Helm.
970 – Lord Gregory dies. Lord Dorvanna takes the Raventhrone.
976 – Duskvale opens the Academy of Smiths with the help of the dwarfs.
977 – Lord Dorvanna weds Queen Brithanna.
983- Prince Vicca and Princess Glorianna are born.
989 – Southpoint is founded.
990 – The Academy of High Magic is established along the eastern mountain range.
992 – Edgewater is established.
997 – A mishap of cataclysmic proportions happens at the Academy of High Magic creating the wasteland known as The Blight. All students die. The academy becomes known as the Blood Moor Ruins.
998 – Due to magical fallout from The Blight a large are near the eastern mountains is tainted becoming the Blood Moor.
1001 – Lord Dorvanna orders the construction of the Black Tower to guard the pass between the Ravenmarch and The Blight.
1002 – Lord Dorvanna dies while defending the Black Tower.
1003 – Lord Vicca Almoore takes the Raventhrone and orders the creation of the Ravenguard.
1013 – Bear Hollow is established in the Ghostwood.
1024 – Summers Home is founded for wounded and elderly members of the Ravenguard.
1028 – The High Elves of Ghostwood make contact with the town of Bear Hollow. A brief skirmish is fought.
1029 – A peace treaty between Ravenmarch and the elves is created.
1032 – Prince Warwik Almoore is born.
1038 – Lord Vicca falls ill and turns over control of the kingdom to the Council of Five.
1044 – Lord Vicca dies and the Council of Five refuses to return power to the Ravencrown.
1045 – Lord Warwik and the Ravenguard march on Arymm to regain the crown. The War of the Five Crowns begins.
1048 – Lord Warwik is victorious and regains the Ravencrown. The Council of Five is executed for treason.
1050 – A new Council of Five is selected by Lord Warwik
1058 – Lord Warwik travels to the west along the Sword Coast for diplomatic reasons.
1061 – Lord Warwik returns with his Queen an Elf maiden named Aylunna.
1065 – Prince Mylcolla is born.
1077 – Lord Warwik dies and Lord Mylcolla is crowned.
1075 – The beginning of what is known as the 100 Years of Light.
1102 – Lord Mylcolla leaves the Ravenmarch to establish diplomatic relations.
1139 – The thieves’ guild known as the Shadow Cursed is formed in Edgewater.
1142 – The Vault is discovered by trappers near Harpers Abby.
1145 – The Council of Five enlists the help of several adventurers to discover the secrets of the vault. None Return.
1146 – Unknown forces begin to corrupt the Shadowgate Forest.
1148 – Lord Mylcolla returns to Ravenmarch with his new Queen Lady Ulthaly and the newborn Prince Adamor.
1151 – Refugees from the small communities within the Shadowgate Forest flee to the safety of Ravenmarch.
1152 – A traveling caravan of gypsies arrives in Twin Rivers telling of their plight in the Shadowgate Forest.
1153 – The Council of Five sends a group of Ravenguard to investigate the Shadowgate Forest. The party is lost.
1154 – Several attempts are made to uncover the evil in the Shadowgate Forest all of which end in tragedy.
1155 – The Shadowgate Forest is declared unsafe for travel by the Council of Five.
1162 – Kings Point is attacked by pirates but the battle ends quickly.
1173 – The library of Arymm is built.
1175 – The end of the 100 Years of Light.
1181 – Lord Mylcolla dies and Lord Adamor is crowned.
1203 – Lord Adamor establishes the village of Brookside to provide food and supplies to the Black Tower.
1210 – Reports from the Black Tower indicate that goblins and other unsavory creatures have taken up residence in The Blight.
1211 – A scouting party in The Blight is killed by a Purple Worm.
1214 – Reports of an ancient Red Dragon living near the Blood Moor Ruins arrive at Ravenwatch.
1216 – A Red Dragon attacks many of the small farms and villages along the Blood Moor east of Edgewater.
1217 – The Red Dragon is slain by a group of heroes from Harpers Abby.
1225 – A group of adventures arrive in Arymm with the goal of exploring The Vault.
1229 – After several more groups are lost in The Vault the Council of Five along with the Ravenking declare the site a civic danger. Only those with royal dispensation can attempt to enter The Vault.
1230 – The first annual Vault Quest is launched with much fanfare in the city of Arymm. The Council of Five selects a group of adventures to explore its depths.
1245 – The Princess Issola is born.
1247 – Prince Davacor is born.
1256 – Tanners Harbor begins production of boiled leather on a massive scale creating a profitable industry for exportation.
1277 – The Halflings of Ten Stones are struck by a mysterious plague.
1279 – Clerics are called in by the Ravencrown to help the Halflings.
1281 – The priests and clerics of Harpers Abby abandon the monastery to join their brothers in a war in the far western lands.
1287 – Lord Adamor dies and Princess Issola is crowned Ravenqueen.
1290 – Queen Issola is wed to Lord Vallis Jaramir who by custom takes on the Almoore name.
1294 – Prince Davacor is killed while serving at the Black Tower.
1296 – Prince Davic is born to Queen Issola
1300 – King Vallis dies from an accident during the construction of the south wing of Ravenwatch Citadel.
1307 – Trade agreements with Neverwinter and Waterdeep are renewed.
1317 – The Dragon Plague reaches the borders of the March. Several battles take place in the Blood Moor.
1322 – Prince Davic begins his service at the Black Tower.
1328 – The March is directly effected by the ongoing Trade War.
1331 – Queen Issola dies and Prince Davic is recalled from the Black Tower to take the Raventhrone.
1332 – Lord Davic is crowned Ravenking.
1336 – The Ravenking marries Lorayne Taerl of Luskan daughter of Captain Taerl of the Five Captains of Luskan.
1338 – Queen Lorayne gives birth to twin sons but dies during childbirth.
1342 – Lord Davic dies and his sons Torra and Callel engage in a bitter conflict over the rightful heir to the Raventhrone.
1352 – The ten year between the twin brother, commonly called the Brothers War ends with the death of Callel at the hands of Torra. Torra is crowned the Ravenking and starts the process of rebuilding the kingdom.
1362 – Torra Almoore marries a commoner, Mierra Coppersmith.
1371 – Queen Mierra gives birth to a son, Gildara Forsa Almoore.
1391 – Torra Almoore dies with considerable debt to many neighboring kings leaving the future of the Ravenmarch uncertain. Gildara Almoore is crowned as the Ravenking and he immediately starts to rebuild trade and economic Independence.
1402 – Torra Almoore takes a half-elf woman named Ella Sorrowmoon of questionable noble birth as his queen.
1409 – Tannish Almoore the half elf son of Torra is born.
1412 – The Ravenking dies and Tannish who is only 3 seasons old is crowned as Ravenking. While controversial among the commoners of the Ravenmarch who call him the Child King it is a well known fact that Ella is in fact running the country.
1429 – King Tannish Almoore establishes peaceful relations with several countries that have been hostile towards the Ravenmarch in the past. A new era of prosperity begins.
1432 – King Tannish Almoore marries a noblewoman Ellana Mordun from Waterdeep after several years of a secret romance. The Ravenmarch and the Lords of Waterdeep establish new treaties and trade agreements that bring additional wealth to the Ravenmarch.
1442 – Prince Degall Rowwen Almoore is born
1444 – Prince Gormaha Tandish Almoore is born
1449 – Queen Ellana and her 3rd child die during childbirth. The Ravenmarch mourn the loss of such a loved queen.
1452 – Troubles from the outside world begin to spill over into the seclusion of the Ravenmarch. Many of the people in the march consider this the end times.
1456 – King Tannish is lost at sea while on route to a diplomatic meeting to the west.
1457 – Degall Almoore is crowned the Ravenking
1459 – King Degall is asked to sit in judgement of a young woman who was captured while attempting to rob the royal treasury. Instead of punishment the King begins a short courtship of the beautiful rogue and the two are married later that year.
1460 – Queen Mashah Almoore (known as the Thief Queen among the commoners) loses their first child during childbirth.
1462 – Princess Natasha Almoore is born.
1466 – Queen Lorayne dies giving birth to a son who dies shortly after.
1473 – Several members of the Night Mask try to take control of Arymm. The attempt fails.
1477 – Ravenking Davic Almoore is killed during a military exercise.
1478 – Queen Natasha is crowned the Ravenqueen.
1480 – The Ravencrown sends several hundred troops to support the war effort against Zhentil Keep and helps to push Banite worship out of the city.
1482 – The Ravencrown is visited by Royal Diplomats asking for aid in the Reclamation Wars, the Ravenqueen turns them away without aid for unknown reasons. The Ravenqueen goes into seclusion and stops making public speeches.
1484 – Several powerful storms create problems along the eastern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Damage to cities along the coast is high but efforts to rebuild them are quick and large sums of money are released from the royal treasury to aid in reconstruction.
1489 – With most of the chaos of the Sundering and Spellplagues in the past and a vast majority of the wars outside the march grinding to an end life in the Ravenmarch starts to slowly return to normal.
1491 – The Current Year

Ravenmarch Timeline

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