Far to the east is the small hamlet of Riverbreak. The folk of this small community are considered by many who visit there to be a bit “queer”. No one is entirely sure why the village was founded or who decided on such a remote location. However Riverbreak has been around for well over a hundred years and seems to be able to survive fairly well even in such an out of the way location.

Several times a year trade caravans will journey to Riverbreak in order to trade with the residents. For the most part it is a small farming village but most of their trade is in furs from trapping. Those merchants who do business with the people of Riverbreak often claim that the people there are ether involved with some strange religion or that due to inbreeding the whole town is slightly touched in the head.

Over all the town itself offers nothing remarkable. It doesn’t even have an inn or tavern for travelers to stop at in the event they should be passing through. The only unique feature at all is the general strangeness of the people. Nothing that anyone seems to be able to put a finger on but just odd.


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