The 3 Lanterns Inn

Among all the locations in the Ravenmarch the 3 Lanterns Inn is probably the most unique. While not officially a “town” in the true sense of the word the 3 Lanterns is more of a collection of buildings all owned and operated by Steven Vanderhorn.

Originally the 3 Lanterns was little more than an Inn sitting along the road at the point where it forks to take travelers to Arymm, Harpers Abby or Ravenlight. The inn has been there for as long as anyone can remember and has always been a popular stopping point for travelers along the Ravenkings Highway. Several years ago the Inn was purchased by Steven Vanderhorn who spent a good deal of money to fix up the old inn and even built several additional buildings around it as well as a stable for horses. At first most people who made a habit of visiting the inn were happy to see the old building get some much needed love and attention. However it didn’t take long for public opinion to sour on the new ownership.

Not long after he finished the repairs Vanderhorn began to expand the services offered at the 3 Lanterns to include gambling, women and other less “legal” forms of entertainment. It didn’t take long for word to spread that the 3 Lanterns was the place to go for a good time and over the years it’s reputation has become even more unfavorable.

Visitors to the 3 Lanterns will find a large common room filled with loud and rowdy patrons and scantily clad bar maids. A large performance stage takes up one end of the common room and it is generally occupied by musicians or other stage acts that could include feats of strength, magic and even risque burlesque dance acts.

Behind the inn itself is the 3 Lanterns gambling hall. This is filled with tables where patrons can roll dice, play cards and other games of chance. Drinks and other services are available as well however most of the patrons take their games very seriously.

Next to the Inn itself the most popular building is the 3 Lanterns brothel that is operated under the direct supervision of the famous (or infamous) Mistress Ellianna. Given enough money a patron can buy just about any type of entertainment they desire given that it doesn’t break any laws. Next to the Silk Rose in Arymm the 3 Lanterns brothel is the most well known in all of the Ravenmarch.

As one can imagine all of this debauchery in one location is sure to eventually get the attention of the authorities… On numerous occasions guards have been sent from Arymm and Ravenwatch to investigate happenings at the 3 Lanterns. Many thousands and thousands of gold in fines have been paid and more than once has Steven Vanderhorn been brought before the Council of Five to answer for crimes that took place in his establishment. But despite all of this the Council of Five have done very little to put a stop to the activities at the 3 Lanterns.

Some say that this may be due to Vanderhorn’s relationship with Mistress Ellianna while others believe that it has more to do with the large sums of money that he pays Captain Victor Hillbrand in order to stay in business.


The 3 Lanterns Inn

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