Woodhaerst is a small village located in the forest, midway between Whitesands and Oak Harbor. Like Oak Harbor the village is part of the thriving lumber business along the eastern Red Stone Mountains.

Named after it’s founder, Effrem Woodhaerst, owner of the Woodhaerst Lumber Company the town grew up around the lumber mill in a relatively short time. Unlike Oak Harbor that deals primarily with the large timber from the forests such as the mighty Ironwood trees, Woodhaerst has made a name for itself by producing lumber from the smaller trees of the region. Their primary production is the Sweetgum and Thistle Blades that grow in the area and thanks to their beautiful grains and patterns are popular woods for fine quality furniture.

Unlike Oak Harbor, Woodhaerst doesn’t make use of Bluestone Lake to transport it’s lumber south on ships. Instead most of the lumber produced in Woodhaerst is shipped out by cart. This has created a second industry of sorts in the village due to the number of merchants who visit to buy wood and place custom orders. For such a small town Woodhaerst has no less than three inns and two taverns to feed and house the ever present trade and merchant caravans that are in town on business.

Several years ago the town fell victim to a number of attacks by a band of goblins who had taken up residence in the nearby foothills. For several months the townspeople were on alert at all times fearing a goblin raid. Their worst fears however came in the form of a troll that was lured to the town by the goblins and then attacked one of the taverns. Shortly after these events the Ravenguard arrived and brought quick justice to the goblins. The town has not been bothered since.


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